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All employers play a crucial role in the prevention and management of workplace injuries.
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Home » Health Professionals » Information for Doctors » What are the Implications for NTD's in NSW

What are the Implications for NTD's in NSW


The role of the NTD has never been more important for most stakeholders in the system than it is now.


For Injured Workers 

What is written in the medial certificate will affect:

  • Their access to treatment
  • Access to benefits
  • Access to rehabilitation support
  • The attitude displayed to them by insurers


Accurate assessment and understanding of injury management is essential for:

  • An accurate diagnosis
  • Appropriate referrals to specialists
  •  Acknowledgment and understanding by other stakeholders – i.e. insurers and employers of the nature and extent of an IW’s injury
  • Appropriate and timely treatments being instigated
  • Identification of secondary and tertiary problems such as pain management and psychological health issues that are a barrier to successful rehabilitation


Timely interventions and reviews will ensure the injured worker is not:

  • Left without adequate income support
  • Left without any  necessary treatment access
  • Left without assistance when trying to find alternative work with a chronic injury in a competitive and discriminating labour market
  • Unnecessarily disadvantaged and cause further distress on the workers family


For Employers

The information provided on the medical certificate:

  • Will determine the appropriateness of suitable duties being offered
  • In some cases influence whether suitable duties are available
  • Affects the progress of the injured workers recovery to full duties
  • Affects the likelihood employers are fined for not providing appropriate duties for their injured workers
  • Affects the attitude of employers dealing with injured workers generally
  • Affects the employers premiums and bottom line of their business


For Treatment Providers

The information provided on the medical certificate:

  • Will affect whether a treatment is considered as reasonable or necessary
  • Will influence how many sessions of treatment are approved
  • Will affect the attitude the insurer has to the patients claim as a whole
  • Will affect whether the treatment provider will get paid


The attitude and proficiency of the NTD will influence:

  • Whether the overall claim / case is being managed efficiently and in a timely manner
  • Whether the treatment the particular health care provider initiates benefits the IW as much as it could if it is integrated into a holistic health care plan
  • Whether there is good communication amongst the treatment and rehabilitation teams



To make full use of this website feel free to browse for other information of relevance to your role as the team leader of your injured worker’s treatment team

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  • Know what is happening and what should be happening with your patients injury health and claim status along specific time lines
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