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We have put together information to keep injured or ill persons informed of what to expect.
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All employers play a crucial role in the prevention and management of workplace injuries.
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Information for Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Nurses, Exercise Physiologists and Doctors.
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Other key stakeholders are also encouraged to provide Information and comments about issues of relevance .
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Home » Health Professionals » Information for Doctors

Information for Doctors


Medical practitioners play a key role in all Workers Compensation systems. In NSW every worker who suffers a significant injury (i.e. an injury that prevents a worker from doing their usual job for more than seven consecutive calendar days) must nominate a treating doctor. He / she will liaise with the worker, employer, insurer and other treatment providers to ensure a worker’s smooth transition back to employment.

The worker’s general practitioner is usually nominated as the treating doctor and is responsible for coordinating all aspects of injury treatment and assisting in return to work management.


Responsibilities of a nominated treating doctor

WorkCover identify 3 key responsibilities:

  1. The provision of a Work Cover certificate of capacity 
  2. Being the point of communication for treatment and the injury management plan
  3. The point of authorisation by the worker to provide relevant information to the employer , and insurer.

The nominated treating doctor can provide information to the employer and insurer relating to the:

  • Nature of the injury
  • Capacity for employment 
  • Treatment required
  • Prognosis
  • Time frames for safe and durable return to employment.

An insurer can request a WorkCover  certificate of capacity if they have commenced making weekly payments. Information within the  medical certificate is used to provide consent for medical information to be exchanged between relevant parties, assisting the insurer to make decisions about liability and to develop an injury management plan.

A thoroughly completed certificate of capacity minimises the likelihood that an insurer will need to make contact with the nominated treating doctor to obtain additional information / clarification. 


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