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All employers play a crucial role in the prevention and management of workplace injuries.
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Home » Health Professionals » Information for Doctors » Changes to the Workers Compensation System

Changes to the Workers Compensation System

In June 2012 there were some significant legislative changes made by the O’Farrell Government that has enormous implications for all involved in the system.  The objectives, although primarily cost cutting by targeting injured workers compensation entitlements , significantly affects other stakeholders such as treatment providers and employers as well. 


Workers are affected in the following areas :

  • Weekly payments
  • Lump sums  for permanent impairment (and pain and suffering where applicable)
  • The way the  injury and employability may be assessed
  • Duration of a claim
  • Whether your medical bills are paid or not
  • Provision of legal assistance to pursue a claim
  • The right to rehabilitation assistance

Treatment providers are affected in how they:

  • Must request formal treatment from insurers /  agents or risk not being paid

Employers are affected:

  • In how and when they are to provide suitable duties
  • The penalties that may be imposed if they don’t comply
  • Due to experiencing savings via reduced premiums


Lawyers are affected

  • In what services they can now provide to injured workers
  • How they are funded
  • New WorkCover registration requirements
  • Our Doc “Changes to Workers Compensation in NSW” details the areas of change relevant to each of the major stakeholder - including treatment providers and NTD.  It is helpful for NTD’s to beware of the changes and what they may mean to the injured worker, their employer or the treatment tem you will be working with


Summary of what a doctor needs to know

The main areas of relevance for NTD’s concerning the recent changes to the Workers Compensation legislation include:

  1. Changes to the Workcover medical certificate
  2. The Introduction of Work Capacity Assessments and their implications
  3. Changes to the entitlements for benefits and treatment of injured workers

These are overviewed briefly in the other sections.

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