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Acute wrist sprain



What is it?


Acute wrist pain is generally an injury causing inflammation to, or a partial or complete tear of the ligaments of the small bones in the wrist.





Sudden onset of pain and swelling in the wrist, usually occurring in association with a specific injury or event.





Relatively uncommon. Although the symptoms may be relatively minor, this is frequently a relatively severe injury.



Key Points - History


  • Mechanism of Injury – Fall, trauma, implement, twisting injury, duration of symptoms, activity

  • Pre-existing pathology

  • Hand dominance and occupation



Red flag conditions include:


  • Significant trauma

  • New deformity

  • Neurological or vascular complications

  • Fever

  • Severe unrelenting, night time pain

  • Patient over 50 years of age

  • Weight loss

  • History of cancer

  • Intravenous drug use



Yellow flag conditions include:


  • Attitudes and beliefs about pain

  • Emotions

  • Behaviour

  • Family

  • Compensation issues

  • Work

  • Diagnostic and treatment issues

  • Workplace conflict



Possible alternate duties:


  • No repetitive/tight gripping with the affected hand

  • Maximum lift 5 kgs

  • Avoid overhanging gripping with the affected hand

  • Avoid using the affected hand

  • Avoid using impact or vibration tools with the affected hand



When to Consider Referral for a Specialist Opinion:


  • The presence of any red flag conditions

  • The worker has had more than two weeks certified unfit for duties, or more than one month on selected duties

  • The worker has had more than three weeks off work, or on selected duties and has significant yellow flag conditions

  • Not back at pre-injury duties within six weeks of the injury

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