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Home » Injured Workers » Common Problems with Injury Management » Rehabilitation Provider Problems

Rehabilitation Provider Problems


It was mentioned that when injuries are more serious or the issues associated with the injury are complex, an insurer or employer may appoint a workplace rehabilitation provider (WRP).  All WRP’s must be accredited by Workcover NSW.  A rehabilitation providers role is to bring all the parties together so the injured person feels supported when returning to work. They also need to ensure the duties are suitable and arrange vocational assessments and job placement in the event the injured worker cannot return to work with the pre-injury employer.


Most rehabilitation provider referrals are initially made by Agents.  The providers appointed tend to be their “preferred providers” in that they usually have a contract concerning their fee structure and way of operating that is complimentary to Insurer’s business model and approach to injury management.  The majority of these rehabilitation providers are medium to large in size and have offices in a range of locations.


A good service provider including the case manager has:

  • A comprehensive knowledge of injury manage efficient in men in workers compensation environment
  • Is holistic in approach
  • Attempted  to engage all stakeholders, not just the referrers
  • Engaged  the injured worker and includes them in all planning and decision making
  • Is an excellent communicator
  • Is organised and coordinated


A good rehabilitation provider will open up communication, assist with the development of goals and time frames, and help make adjustments to plans to deal with obstacles.


If the case manager is from a rehabilitation provider that was appointed by the Agent or your employer, and they either consistently fail in several of the above areas or do not seem to have your interests at heart, change providers. Injured workers have the right to choose rehabilitation and treatment providers.

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